We would like to thank Upasana Young for the wonderfully complete initial database. Without her work, this site would not have been possible.

We are grateful to Professor H. Lambert and his equipe of publishing professionals for all the valuable advice they offered. For many decades now, Professor Lambert has been conducting a small publishing house specialising in hand-made prints of philological edition of the classics. Without his scholarly advice, the standard of this work would not have been the same.

We offer our deepest, deepest gratitude to Sri Chinmoy. We could not use better words than Professor Lambert’s, who so kindly wrote:

The monumental work Sri Chinmoy has offered to mankind is awe-inspiring and supremely preeminent, in proportions and quality. It is not just the opinion of few that Sri Chinmoy’s work – which we feel only right to call «the Sri Chinmoy canon» – will be of profound help and a source of enlightenment to countless students seeking wisdom and truth”.