Managing bibliographies

The bibliography records can be exported to Endnote and BibTeX.

In our experience, the BibTeX format is to be preferred since it allows the most flexible and powerful handling of the bibliography data. Thus, one should rather use a good application that directly supports the BibTeX format, like BibDesk for OS X, or JabRef for Windows, instead of the commercial Endnote application.

As a publication means, we highly recommend using LaTeX (or XeLaTeX) with the BibLaTex package, a complete reimplementation of the bibliographic facilities provided by LaTeX in conjunction with BibTeX.

The BibLaTex package supports split bibliographies, multiple bibliographies within one document, and separate lists of bibliographic shorthands. Bibliographies may also be subdivided into parts (by chapter, by section, etc.) and/or segmented by topics (by type, by keyword, etc.). An academic dream come true.

Finally, we would like to recommend not to use Endnote as a mean to collect and import bibliographic data into this site, since we experienced many compatibility problems with it.